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Sutton Scarsdale Hall

Sutton Scarsdale Hall, (Chesterfield, Derbyshire) was once a magnificent stately residence, with lavish interiors and exteriors. Today the house is in a ruinous state, it’s interiors, fittings and roof have been removed and sold off at auction in the 1920’s. Some of the interiors have found a new lease of life in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA, others have reputedly been used in film sets for period movies. 

The aims of this project are to 3-D record the house as it exists today using cutting edge laser scanning technology to capture the metric details of the ruin. This information will provide the basis and analysis for a digital three dimensional reconstruction of the house in the height of its architectural splendour shortly before it was dismantled in the 1920s. 

Documentary sources and archaeological investigation will be implemented to track down the missing interiors and fittings. This will provide the story of the rise and decline of this stately residence, set against the back drop of a disproportionately high level of country properties in the local area meeting the same fate as Sutton Scarsdale Hall. A thriving trade in country house interiors developed and over 300 country houses have been lost in Derbyshire alone, over 1,700 have been demolished in England since 1870. The project will investigate the fascination we have with these grand country houses and the sense of cultural loss that is felt when confronted by the ruins of Sutton Scarsdale Hall

With permission from the various owners across the world we would like to 3-D record the surviving interiors of the house in the current location and setting. These interiors will then be digitally reconstructed and incorporated into the 3-D model to reunite the house with it’s interiors in the virtual environment.

Using state of the art digital technology to restore Sutton Scarsdale Hall to its original status as a ‘treasure house’ and create a fully furnished online virtual country house attraction for the digital age. Complete with gardens, and digital antiquities, visitors will be able to explore the house and discover the artefacts within. All interiors are recorded from actual collections, web links are provided to the museums in which they are held.
Laser scan survey of the house, October 2011
Historic Image of Sutton Scarsdale Hall
Laser scan data of the surviving plaster work
3-D mesh of the surviving plaster work
A large proportion of the house has been laser scanned providing the metric dataset needed for the 3-D reconstruction. Some historic images and documents have been acquired.
Laser scan data of the main facade
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The Project so far,
The Sutton Scarsdale Project
Photographic textures applied to the laser scan data