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Staveley Hall 3-D Trench 2011
Staveley Hall is an innovative digital archaeology project made possible by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, the digital component was commissioned by Michael McCoy, the project archaeologist. The project utilises cutting edge technology to create innovative recording and working methodologies for archaeology. The innovative nature of the project has been recognised at conferences both in Europe and America. In July 2011 the project was shortlisted as a finalist in the Leica innovation awards.
In line with the projects use of new technology, the 2011 excavation was subject to a new 3-D recording technique. The entire excavation trench and sections were recorded using photogrammetry.  A point cloud was created to form the basis of a 3-D model of the trench, photo-realistic textures were applied to the model to produce the final piece.
The survey was conducted with a calibrated Leica digital camera, and combined with  3-D survey data to produce the final model. This is an extremely fast and accurate recording technique with photo-realistic results. The total time taken to record the trench onsite was about 30mins, processing of the data was done overnight.

Our aim is to record all of the ‘keyhole’ excavations with this methodology, combining the individual trenches to eventually end up with a large 3-D model of the site which represents all of the archaeology and trenches as if they had been open and excavated in one season.
3-D Mesh model of the archaeological Site