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Case Studies
Case Studies
A Prehistoric Wetland
3D ReconstructionFen.html
Sutton Scarsdale Hall 
3D Digital SurveyScarsdale.html
Stainborough Castle 
3D Digital Survey SB_Castle.html
Staveley Hall
Digital Survey & 3D Reconstruction Staveley.html
Rockley Furnace
3D Digital Survey Rockley.html
Staveley Trench 2011 3D Digital Survey STA2011.html
Darnall Works
3d Digital Survey & Drawings
Padley Hall & Chapel
3D Digital Survey Padley.html
Shepherd Wheel
Digital Survey & 3D Reconstruction Shepherd_Wheel.html
Roman Urn
Digital Survey & 3D Reconstruction Section.html
A selection of example projects
Animation & VR
QuickTime plugin required
Sutton Scarsdale Hall
Laser scan dataSSD_LS.html
Staveley Hall
Animation of the courtyard Staveley_2.html
A Prehistoric Wetland
Animated tourFen_AN.html
A Prehistoric Wetland
Explore this landscapeFev_Instr.html
Staveley Hall 1680
QuickTime VR example StaVR.html
3D Digital AnalysisStonehenge.html
Neolithic Tombs 
3D Digital SurveyNeolithic_Tombs.html
Barbados Cannon
3D Digital SurveyCharles_Fort.html
Using structure from motion to record partially submerged cannons in the West Indies
Rudston Monolith
3D Digital SurveyRudston.html