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This website is designed to showcase my work and act as a capability statement. All images 3-D models and surveys are my own. 

I am a professional archaeologist principally focused on innovative digital heritage projects that utilise the latest technologies for survey and visualisation. I provide full onsite three-dimensional digital data collection utilising survey grade GPS systems, total stations and the latest in laser scanning technology.
Off site I compile and organise this digital data to produce survey drawings, reconstructions, high-resolution models and fully navigable 3-D recreations. I am an expert in digital drafting and 3-D modelling techniques applicable to a wide range visualisations, especially those for museum installations, touch-screen displays and web based presentations. My experience incorporates a diverse range of projects varying in historical period and nature, both upstanding monuments and subterranean archaeology, and I am perpetually interested in new projects and opportunities which challenge my skills and stretch the limits of how we think about digital heritage. 

Combining training in fine art with diverse technological skills, I aim to produce innovative work which not only accurately reflects the captured data or historic record, but is work which also attends to detail and captures a sense of atmosphere and place. On one end of the spectrum I have worked with internationally renowned artists; most recently I provided Kate Whiteford with digital visualisations, survey and archaeological narratives for her heritage focused land art. Additionally, as a professional archaeologist I am able to understand the survey and visualisation needs of focused, commercial archaeological projects, and can provide strategies and services that both fit the requirements and budget of a project while enhancing the overall objectives.

In addition to experience in data collection and processing, I have managed both survey and visualisation teams for a wide range of projects for over 10 years. Much of this time was spent working for the University of Cambridge and the University of Sheffield where in addition to commercial services I provided support and guidance to academic staff interested in a digital component to their research.

I have lectured on aspects of my work to postgraduate students, Humanities Research Institutes and presented digital heritage projects at conferences. As director of survey and illustration on many international expeditions for the University of Cambridge, I have worked in several different countries and climates ranging from the deserts of Africa, to the mountains of Nepal, and the Arctic regions of Russia and Iceland.

I am continuing to research and develop innovative techniques and methodologies  resulting in the production of high-quality surveys and visualisations, and the establishment of new standards of digital recording and presentation within the heritage sector. 

 My services are available for commission through my current employer ArcHeritage.
Digital Survey, Visualisation & Archaeological Reconstruction
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